Dinner and a Cause was formed to raise money and awareness for charitable organizations in the St. Thomas, USVI community. It is a dinner party that is different and can make a difference. We get together every other month at our homes or the homes of our friends, where we enjoy each other's company and contribute the price of an average dinner out to a local cause where a few thousand dollars have a real imapct.
Since March of 2006, we have held 43 events and have raised over $300,000 in monies for the charities hosted, as well as considerable additional donations in terms of equipment and volunteer hours. Also there has been continued response to those charities in donations of needed equipment and furnishings. It’s been a great three years and we thank you all for your enthusiasm and generosity.
Our guest list has grown from 20 to over 600 and continues to grow with each dinner party. With success and growth comes the challenge to adapt with added considerations, such as finding a comfortable space for a large group. We have found that by alternating our “in home dinners“ with restaurant venues we are able to expand and not be limited by parking concerns.
These dinners have taken on a life of it’s own and we thank all of you who have offered suggestions and new ideas. It seems though that while we’ve enjoyed the intimacy of small gatherings, our prime goal is to raise as much money as we can for charities in need. So with that in mind, we are considering some options. We may expand to every month during the high season months to accommodate our part-time residents. Other alternatives include charging more for some dinners, and less for others.
Because we are on a small island, we are limited by the number of non-profit programs available to host, which allows those who want to donate large amount of monies to do so with a tax deduction. We have heard of many other worthy recipients, i.e., teachers who spend their own money funding great programs for children. These individuals may be hosted in future dinners.
We want to remain flexible as we monitor the growth of Dinner and a Cause. We invite your input and thank you all for your continued interest, participation and generosity.

The Dinner and a Cause Team
Kristy, Suzanne, Letty, Eula, Rhea, Joanie and Pam

Please e-mail us: pamela@dinnerandacause.org